Advices and steps for buying a property.

Landmark’s real estate agents and brokers give you all the advices and tips that you need to follow in order to buy a property in Lebanon.

Advice and Financing

Purchasing a Property

For the majority of buyers buying a home is the largest investment of their lives. Your Landmark broker helps you set your purchase budget as well as assisting during negotiations in order to get the best price possible

What are the first steps when buying a property?

It’s important to properly analyze your needs and make sure you evaluate your financial capacity before choosing a property. Landmarks' broker can assist you and arrange for a local bank mortgage representative to meet with you in our offices.

Besides the purchase price, are there any other costs to foresee when buying a property?

  • Brokerage Fees(تكاليف وساطة عقارية)
  • Sworn Appraisal fees (If seeking bank loan)(تخمين عقار)
  • Land surveying fees if buying a land/lot (Irtefak wa Takhtit)(بيان مساحة-ارتفاق وتخطيط)
  • Insurance premiums (high risk insured mortgages)(قرض تاْمين)
  • Interest rate adjustment (فوائد مأوية)
  • Property Registration and Notary fees(رسوم تسجيل وكاتب عدل)
  • Home insurance Life insurance for mortgage loan(تأمين حياة)
  • Sales tax (if applicable)(ضراءب)
  • Transfer fees (if applicable)(رسوم انتقال)

What services should a Landmark broker provide me with during my purchasing process?

  • Searches for properties that match your criteria
  • Provide you with a Comparative market analysis(CMA)
  • Arrange for visiting properties of your choice
  • Offers support for mortgage financing
  • Negotiation and drafting of the promise to purchase
  • Preparing all necessary documentation
  • Assistance at the notary if necessary
  • Assistance in Property registration(Applicable fee may apply)

What should be verified during a property visit with Landmark Broker?

  • Foundation wood doors, aluminum windows and accessories 
  • Roof and exterior walls for water infiltration and isolation  
  • Plumbing, drains and electricity panel,switches and wiring (visible parts)
  • Heating and air conditioning units
  • Ceilings, floors and walls for any cracks
  • Insulation (visible parts)
  • Ventilation
  • Generator condition and age
  • Septic tank, well, sewer lines (if inspector is qualified)
  • Designated Parking spaces
  • Land, especially around building’s drain, sloping and natural vegetation Overall integrity of building structures
  • Common/shared areas condition (in the case of a condominium or cooperative)