About Landmark Real Estate

Landmark Real Estate is a leading real estate agency in Lebanon. Our real estate agents and brokers provide you with advices and recommendations about the property that you want to buy, rent or sell.

About Landmark

Landmark Real Estate is a progressive real estate firm that aims to enhance client experiences and ensure they make the optimal decisions. Landmark was established in North America in 1995.The company was founded by like-minded business partners with a passion for real estate and the vision to bring a transparent real estate investors’ relationship.

After acquiring a vast knowledge in consumer trends over 20 years in the real estate market, Landmark’s partners now understand the gap that is causing communication problems between buyers and sellers. They noticed that clients often lack sufficient information to make sound decisions and often end up incurring unnecessary expenses due to the lack of prior knowledge.Therefore, at Landmark, the team is not comprised of consultant ,brokers or agents but rather advisers that focus on protecting all your financial and legal rights while liaising to buy or sell your property.

Our Objectives

Landmark Real Estate provides you with a one stop-shop for all your real estate needs whether it is to Buy, Sell,Rent or Lease Residential, Commercial or Investment properties throughout the Gulf, Middle East and North Africa. You will have the ability to virtually navigate through all properties available on the site. Landmark Real Estate focuses on providing you with the maximum exposure for your properties by having them listed on at least 100 other affiliated real estate website portals worldwide. 

What  We Do

Landmark Real Estate offers an array of Residential and Commercial Real Estate, Property Management and Real Estate Advisory Services to help property owners, buyers and investors in reaching their real estate goals. Whether you are planning to expand your existing business, Sell, Buy, Rent or Lease Properties, our team is the optimal choice to assist you using specialized residential and commercial consultation services and feasibility studies through a team of certified experienced real estate professionals. Our detailed studies can and will help you in evaluating and anticipating future risks and therefore giving you an advantage when making your real estate decisions.

What Makes Us Different

At Landmark, the team is not comprised of brokers or agents but rather advisers that focus on protecting all your financial and legal rights while liaising to buy or sell your property. Our broker provides a conventional full-service, commission-based brokerage relationship under a signed listing agreement with a seller or "buyer. Our Broker’s and Real Estate Consultants are provided with the best real estate training in the industry. In addition, all of our agents are certified and affiliated members of the Real Estate Syndicate of Lebanon (R.E.A.L)and the Lebanese franchise Association(L FA), so you can rest easy knowing you are dealing with a certified and well trained professional.